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National Park Edition Airstream RV Tour // Pendleton 100th Anniversary Limited Edition RV

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We absolutely love running into special edition RVs. Thank you Kevin & Nancy for letting us show your Airstream! ✩ SUPPORT US FOR FREE WHEN SHOPPING AMAZON: ✩ JOIN THE JOURNEY ON PATREON: ✩ NEWSLETTER: ✩ INSTAGRAM: ✩ FACEBOOK: ✩ GADGETS WE USE: ✩ MORE ABOUT US: ✩ BIG THANKS to the following patrons who've pledged $25+ at to help produce this video! ✩ Tiltawhirl Imagery ✩ Douglas C ✩ Mace4065 ✩ Ron M ✩ Jarvin G ✩ Dieter ✩ Roberto B ✩ Stephen J ✩ W Carl ✩ Chelsea S ✩...
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