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Best Tech of 2018 - YOUTUBER Edition with iJustine, MKBHD + More

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The Best Tech Gadgets of 2018 Featuring Marques Brownlee from MKBHD, Saf from SuperSaf TV, Justine Ezarik from iJustine, Austin Evans, Judner Aura from UrAverageConsumer, Jon Rettinger from TechnoBuffalo, Jaime Rivera from PocketNow, Ash from C4ETech, Fasial Alsaif from UpToDate, David Cogen from The Unlockr & Enobong Eteh from BooredAtWork. ►►►SUBSCRIBE for more: ► Featured Channels: Casey Neistat - Marques Brownlee - Michael Fisher - Zack Nelson - Justine Ezarik - Armando Ferreira - David Cogen - Jaime Rivera - Jon Rettinger - Ashwin Ganesh - Michael Kukielka -...
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