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Christmas Vladvent Calendar: Day Eight (Dracula Prince of Darkness)

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Today Christopher Lee returns to his iconic role in Hammer's Dracula Prince of Darkness. You can now support Dark Corners on Patreon: Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: @DarkCorners3 A special thanks to our Dark Cultist Patreon supporters. Shadows - Michael Bailes, Lavaughn Towell, Steve Scibelli, Luke Chaston, Dan D Doty, Aidan Woodard, Hidden Trail Video, Micheal Jackson, Christie Bryden, Joseph Dougherty, Chris Hewson, David Adler, Chris Weakely, Brad Webb, Zachary Nolan Acolytes – Dave Smith, Connor Brennan, Scott Gillespie, Dark_Roast, Colleen Crouch, Kathy Shaidle, Initiates – Maria Gd, Melissa Hayes, Felix Weibig , Alexandra Virgiel, Stephen LaPlante, Greg...
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